Testimonial from CARMEN S., IASI / 0742.261.295 / 10.05.2018
There are already two years since I benefit from the effects of the Luviom system.

You do remember that at the time I got Luviom, among different other affections, I have had bilateral thyroid gland nodules. At the beginning of this year I redone a thyroid ultrasound and the results were very good, both nodules disappeared.

Among other beneficial effects, harmonization and regeneration of the body (most people are saying that I look much younger than my age), I manage to quit smoking very fast, without so-called withdrawal of the smoker, and without any frustration or effort to restrain myself. I was a heavy smoker, for over 20 years, one package/day. Now, I forgot that I ever smoked! My body rejects the idea of smoking. Also, I eat less meat.

There are other benefits, such as entering in alpha and profound meditation, but I will gather more information and share them with you, for others to benefit as well.


Carmen S.


Testimonial from ADELA JURCA, Therapist, Timisoara /0745.573.907/ 2.07.2018         

Complimentary Therapies from “Therapy Body Soul” Cabinet

      Issue Info about        Patient      Objective      Therapy

(associated with the allopathic medicine)

SPINE back pain, articular pain, headache, stop working


alignment, mobility, pain relief cabinet: 3 therapies and luviom, 3 sessions of massage specific for spine

time treatment:2 weeks

he moves with no pain, no more tremors of the extremities, no more headache
BREAST CANCER lady married, 38 years old, 2 children,


abortion trauma, professional stress

acknowledgment of the source of her suffering cabinet: 10 therapies and luviom; home: algorithms, prayers, acknowledgment of her daily actions, tasks delegations

time treatment:5 weeks

regeneration of the affected area from chemotherapy; balanced fire within; acceptance of the past; opening towards the future


Lady, 38 years old, 10 years of fertility treatments, 2 procedures of in vitro fertilization with 11 embryos with no results; the 12th embryo is the last chance normal pregnancy, baby born healthy, fast recovery


distance therapy: 3 sessions with luviom

cabinet: 3 therapies and luviom

time treatment:3 weeks

pregnancy of 40 weeks, a perfect healthy baby girl of 3 kg
lady, 35 years old, 3 years of fertility treatments, 1 procedure in vitro fertilization with 3 frozen embryos with no result; the second stage with 3 embryos distance therapy: 10 sessions luviom

time treatment:3 weeks

pregnancy of 29 weeks, healthy twins: baby girl of 2 kg, baby boy of 1.7 kg; specific treatment for prematurely new-born sustained 30 days with luviom
THYROID lady, 42 years old, inspector, married, 1 child, required to gain control of her entire life, thyroid nodules, headache, fatigue, weight gain; confirmed diagnostic, no treatment recommended nodules downsized   acknowledgment of the source of her suffering, replacing the specialist in endocrinology cabinet: 10 therapies and luviom

personal therapy:

algorithms, prayers, acknowledgment of her daily actions, tasks delegations

time treatment:5 weeks

balance in her life; starting a specific thyroid treatment under careful observation of a specialist; faith in the future and healing process


COUGH, DEPRESSION Lady, 63 years old, retired, active, troubled marriage, tensed relations with her children, strong emotional imbalance, pessimism, no life direction acknowledgment of the source of her suffering energetical and emotional balance, discovering the beauty of life cabinet: 2 therapies and luviom

distance therapy: 1 session with luviom

home personal therapy: genealogy tree algorithm, daily prayers, genealogy tree, acknowledgment of her daily actions for balance

time treatment:6 weeks

getting out of her family environment and joining a new, beneficial group, family abroad, with personal income for buying a single room apartment; faith in her future; releasing communication and healing process



programmers, engineers, etc. energy balancing, emotional balance, acknowledgment of the personal mission in all aspects of life


cabinet: 3 therapies and luviom

personal therapy: algorithms, acknowledgment of actions and daily behavior, developing abilities and capabilities specific for the personal numerology matrix

time treatment: 2 weeks

balance for all body structures; acknowledgment of personal matrix; spiritual connection


How do I develop a cabinet session?

The patient is comfortably sitting on the treatment couch, with Luviom system on, over his head, and with specific crystals and natural stones placed on his chakras. after a few minutes, the energy currents of the patient indicate, through sensations somatised both by the patient and by the therapist, the affections and blockages of all corps: psychical, etheric, soul, spiritual, astral, emotional, mental, spirit, celestial.

Infor energetic technics and therapies, applied by the therapist during the session, generate releases through awareness of traumas, blockages, past events which marked his life, even honoring the ancestors from his genealogic tree, followed by the harmonization of his family egregor. it is accomplished a really successful balance, regeneration, healing, awareness of his personal mission.


Testimonial from MARIANA DRAGAN, Psychologist, Bucharest / 0755.916.262

/ 7.06.2018

A few words about my experience with Luviom System:

First and foremost – I have had sciatica pain. Why do I say it using the past tense? Because I have utilized Luviom and it is gone, without any recovery exercises, or physiotherapy.

When I have something to learn, to study, to read, I do it under the Luviom system. I discovered that the memorising capacity increases with at least 70%. I must read only one time and I memorise all information without any problem. Even now, while I am writing, I remembered that I have had an inflamed ganglion for over 30 years. It was there, painful sometimes. And now, just thinking of it, I can see that it is back to its normal size.

I’m a psychologist, a psychotherapist specialized in Ericksonian clinical hypnosis. I utilize Luviom system with most of my patients. Obviously, I do explain to them in a few words about the beneficial capacity of it. Why do I use it? Because my patients enter in the hypnosis trance very fast and much more profound, and the healing process is easier and faster. After a small comparative research study, the patients accepting the procedure with Luviom system are getting better faster with a lower number of psychotherapy sessions than the others who do not accept the procedure. The usage of Luviom automatically induces a state of relaxation, of calm, of inner peace, similar with a state of meditation. If you watch TV and in the same time utilize the system, there are beneficial effects, but slightly diminished.

I observed, for both me and my patients, that the insomnia, migraines, irascibility are getting faster better results with the Luviom procedure.


Adrian O., 43 years old, Tg. Mures
I have been practicing contact sports since teenage years. I practice these sports even today, even if I am of significant age. I attend 1-3 training sessions per week for two hours each. In the summer of 2016 due to the specific workout effort, I began to have very serious pain on my right knee. At first these pains began during each training session and kept going until after the session was completed for 4-5 hours. After a few weeks, the pain was almost continuous throughout the day, but more pronounced during the morning immediately after the wake up and the start of daily activities. During this time, the pains were so deep that I was limping for 2-3 hours every morning and I had an ungraceful walk.
I contacted Mr. Cohal and he gave me a demonstration, that is, a remote treatment for an hour, on a photo of mine, sent to him by e-mail. After this treatment, the knee pain has decreased a lot. Later I had the opportunity to use Luviom from an acquaintance of mine in Tg-Mures for 40-45 minutes. This time the pain almost disappeared. These two experiences have made me contact Mr. Cohal again in order to acquire Luviom.
Due to the fact that my participation in the training is continuous, obviously the pain is manifested almost daily. But in this regard I found a solution, namely to use Luviom 1-2 times per week for 30-60 minutes. Thus I can participate without any problems at trainings. I realize that the knee pain is just the effect, the training being the cause. As long as there is a cause, there will be an effect. If I stopped my training and I would use Luviom 1-2 times per week, I’m convinced that within 4-6 weeks my knee problems would be solved for good. But for now ending the training is not possible.
That’s why I settle for my weekly therapeutic maintenance with Luviom and I am very happy with the investment made.

B.M. – Germany – 0049-162-1529301
I have been using the Luviom for about 3 weeks now and I am very happy with it. In the beginning I had to do my own experiments with the device. I have used the device twice a day for 30 minutes at a time. I have had a swollen ancle for months – a reaction due to borrelliosis infection 2 years ago. My ancle is almost back to normal, which is amazing. I also realized my hip pain (due to hip dysplasia surgery 30 years ago) is completely gone. During the first treatments I had severe pain in my hip while I was working with the Luviom – to me simply a feedback of my body that healing and change is in progress. Now for the past 2 weeks my hip pain is completely gone 😊. I even tried distance healing a few times, incorporating the device in my work. It works wonderfully.
Thank you very much for developping such a wonderful device. Best regards from Germany… wishing you all the success für your work … and: THANKS!

SEBY’s testimony – Autism – 0744.308.372
A month before starting the treatment at INMCA (The National Institute for Complementary & Alternative Medicine) I’ve bought and used (30-40minutes for 2-3 times a week) the device called LUVIOM-AT on my child, aged 5, diagnosed  with typical autism.
The diagnosis (a lot more complex than I’ve underlined further on), made within the Insitute through the care of Mr. Asoc. Prof. Dr. Corneliu Moldovan (INMCA director), has shown the following:
-The microcirculation almost inexistent in the frontal and parietal area of the head (infrared themography);
– The central nervous system (CNS) doesn’t respond within the standard parameters (neurovegetative peripheral reactometry);
– A certain numbness in movements.
After the beginning of the treatment (a month after the diagnosis), the doctor resumed the analises made with the neurovegetative peripheral reactometry device and told me that everything is better now (CNS started to responded better). If a month before the beginning of the treatment I was still in doubt, from that moment on the doctor had taken any doubts from me. We’re talking here about concrete data and not about opinions that could be more or less subjective. The doctor didn’t know that I’ve used the LUVIOM device before the treatment. This “better” cannot appear out of nothing after a month. I’ve wanted to prepare the terrain for the treatment and I’ve succeeded. My child has become more calm, patient and more reasonable. I was afraid that he wouldn’t sit on the bed or on a chair for 20-30 minutes, but my fear was unjustified.
Entering the doctor’s office I’ve thought that the NASA has opened a local branch at the Institute. The treatment was very complex and my child benefites of the following type of therapies, as well:
– Laser-acupuncture and low-energy Lasetherapy;
– Therapy with pulsed informational fields (Luviom AT);
– Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy with the help of several devices (one, identified as Impulser Profesional);
– Permanent magnets placed in acupoints;
– Chromotherapy;
– A device based on Tesla principle (high voltage and very low amperage);
– Other devices that I don’t know about.
After only 3 months of treatment (12 sessions totally) I’ve observed the following improvements:
– (The child) is more present and more aware of what’s happening around him;
– The sleep is more improved and peaceful;
– Improved visual contact
– More attentive to the lessons (ABA/VA), remains more on the task;
– In kindergarten he started to spontaneously imitate and the curiosity started to appear;
– much improved coarse and fine motor skills;
– the initial numbness started to fade.
But what comes to confirm that the treatment is efficient, is the increased microcirculation in the deficitary areas of the head (infrared thermography reanalysis), CNS responds better and the face started to catch some life (the face was pale before the treatment and now started to catch some red colour).
I think that during sleeping the healing processes are much amplified. What I’ve observed in the neuromotor area (there are a lot of benefits) by using Luviom during his afternoon sleeping is that immediatly after waking up (in different days):
– he was standing on his feet on the edge of the couch in perfect balance and he was looking out the window (me and my wife were looking at him and we didn’t believe our eyes)
– some other time, he started to coordinate in a very good way his hands and his feet (he used to climb over the table just by using his hands and, after that, he is using his feet without any foothold);
– he jumps from the table with a small momentum and by throwing his hands into the air and he lands, many times, on his feet like a gymnast;
– my wife observs that he was holding his cup with water in his left hand while with right hand he was pushing buttons of a toy (he used to not be able to coordinate with both hands).
These fantastic evolutions have taken place short time after every waking up and they showed no regress later. It is preferred to drink a glass of water before using. The “unpleasant” part is that the refrigerator has to be full and that the water supply should be sufficient, especially when it has to be used for children.
This testimony is firstly given for those that “didn’t lay down arms” in the fight with this severe sickness and secondly for the unquestionable benefits of this device.

Liliana Nistor – 0728565356
I use the device called LUVIOM for the last seven moths together with the therapy that I do – crystal-therapy, energy-therapy (info-energetical diagnosis).
I’ve noticed:
– the general relaxation of the body;
– sensation of heat in the body from the first session;
– unblocking of the energetic centers;
– amplified perceptions at the level of sixth chakra;
– info-energetical diagnosis is more precise.
With LUVIOM I’ve seen better results in treating the following disorders:
– bilateral adnexitis;
– uterine fibroids;
– ovarian cysts;
– varicose ulcer;
– insomnia;
– cataract;
– memory improvement;
– hepatobiliary disorders.
Thank you Mr. Cohal. LUVIOM helps to reestablish physical, energetic and psychical balance.

Lector ANATECOR HAIDUC IOAN, mobile: 0729924293
Date of the survey: April 5 2015. Place: Bucharest, School No. 12
Participants: 17 students ANATECOR, of different ages and professions
Leader experiment: Haiduc Ioan, lecturer ANATECOR
Using radiesthesia (doodlebug) and using kinesiology test (muscle) it was measured the degree of openness / activation / functioning of chakras before the exposure to the device LUVIOM AT and after a 15 minutes exposure to the device LUVIOM AT, at a distance of 5 to up to 60 minutes from the exposure, on a scale of 0 to 100%, 100% being the opening / activation / maximum functioning of chakras.
The result is shown in the table below.
The degree of openness of chakras in percentage %,  before (B.E.) and after the experiment (A.E.)



Name and Surname Age


1st Chakra 2ndChakra 3rdChakra 4th Chakra 5th Chakra 6th Chakra 7th Chakra
B.E. A.E. B.E. A.E. B.E. A.E. B.E. A.E. B.E. A.E. B.E. A.E. B.E. A.E.
1 L.I. 45 20 99 70 75 50 90 60 70 35 90 45 92 60 95
2 T.G. 21 20 50 10 60 10 100 50 85 70 100 30 80 70 75
3 O.M. 37 20 98 10 75 8 98 25 100 25 100 60 90 40 100
4 D.R. 28 25 80 25 100 30 100 40 90 65 100 50 95 80 93
5 P.C. 28 25 100 35 100 60 85 50 75 60 100 70 100 90 90
6 D. L. 32 30 94 45 92 60 98 70 100 70 96 70 98 93 100
7 M. R. 34 20 100 70 100 80 100 95 100 80 100 85 100 97 100
8 N. G. 34 60 100 50 100 70 100 25 100 20 100 50 100 25 100
9 T.A. 40 15 80 50 100 65 100 20 90 55 100 70 90 90 100
10 N.L. A. 31 15 100 45 100 50 100 65 100 65 100 95 100 90 100
11 J.L. 28 85 87 50 68 70 70 70 84 78 93 90 96 80 81
12 R.D. 47 91 100 97 100 92 100 86 95 99 100 99 100 100 100
13 B.A. 33 94 100 95 100 78 98 90 97 92 100 93 100 95 100
14 S.S. 34 90 100 95 97 90 99 60 99 82 95 91 100 94 99
15 C.F. 35 92 97 73 100 81 100 80 100 90 100 90 97 96 98
16 G.C. 49 80 100 70 95 50 93 62 90 80 95 71 97 70 97
17 L.T. 45 60 100 40 100 30 100 35 100 50 100 30 100 40 100
Average 49,53 93,23 60,41 91,88 57,29 95,94 57,76 93,23 65,65 98,18 64,47 96,18 74,71 95,76


Conclusion: Making an average for all the participants, from 61.40% openness of the chakras before the experiment, after a 15 minutes exposure to the device LUVIOM AT, the openness was 94.91%, so, an increasing in openness / activation / functioning of the 7 chakras with around 55%.
From the 119 analyzed chakras (17×7), 65 of them had arrived at the maximum capacity of openness / activation / functioning of 100%, and the rest, they had arrived very close to 100%, at 94.91%.
There were no side effects by exposing the participants to the LUVIOM AT device, for 15 minutes. Instead, as a result of the conversations with the participants, some positive effects were revealed, as follows:
– incresing of the level of energy, and overall, an increasing of vitality of the body;
– improvement of microcirculation in the way that the participants could see better and their memory was better, too;
– improvement of the energy circulation through chakras, meridians;
increasing of the immunity of the body.
I highly recommend this device, for sessions of about 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week.
Case 2: Testing of LUVIOM AT by Haiduc Ioan, Lector ANATECOR
From 11.02.2015 to 11.04.2015, I’ve used the device called LUVIOM AT, in sessions of 30 minutes, twice a week. In these two months of utilising this device, I’ve noticed the following positive effects:
– accelerating healing of a cut obtained from hernia surgery, done at the end of the year 2014;
– improvement of the energetic flow of the body;maintaining of the chakra activation at the full capacity, namely ensuring maximum energy exchange for an increase of the immunity and vitality of the body;
– improvement of microcirculation;
– improving the digestion process and assimilation at the cellular level;
– accelerated detoxification of cells and organs;
– stimulation of the cellular repair mechanisms;
– improvement of oxygenation at the cellular level.
No side effects were noticed. I recommend using this product, simultaneously with another treatment sollutions.

FLORIN GRIDAN, 0724 022 978 – Health status 6 months after the procedure with LUVIOM
After I was diagnosed with melanoma, I have experienced a pronounced psychological and physical fall, understanding that the recommendations  for a classic treatment will have no positive effects. Starting with November 2014 I’ve started therapy with LUVIOM and MOTORCA-Oradea allopathic treatment.
– Changes in my overall state of health now, very briefly:
– I’ve gained optimism, self-confidence and confidence in external positive influences;
– I’ve noticed an increased resistance for physical effort;
– The bleeding gums have stopped bleeding (periodontitis?);
– The flexibility of joints became better than after the treatment with various substances;
– Numbness of the toes and of certain areas of soles have gone away or decreased significantly;
– The appetite has returned to normal (I’ve no longer had an appetite, losing considerable weight);
– The gastric acidity had balanced;
– The muscles had gained firmness after physical exercises.
>In 2010 I was diagnosed with basal-cell carcinoma although through the bioresonance analysis no form of cancer appeared in the body, but only undefined infectious forms, while, at that time, working at Bucharest Metro, at least 8 hours a day. A slight improvement occurred after treatment with the celandine juice. Currently this disorder is in remission.
With a lot of thanks.

Mariana Dobranis (Berlin, Germania) tel: 004917681009295
The influence of LUVIOM device on different microorganisms
These analyses were made at the Research Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry (Berlin), the characteristic being the release of various active principles from the matrix system in the body.
In order to sterilize these samples a series of microbiological analyzes were carried out for determining the average number of microorganisms in the microscopic field.
To determine the total number of colonies, and the types of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and molds) were used dry culture environments in Petri dish with a diameter of 4.7 cm.
The analyzed samples were extracts from various plants and various products from food industry.
In order to reduce the number of deviations,at least 3 repetitions of those analyzes were carried out.
The treatment of samples with the LUVIOM device was carried out for different periods of time (between 30 and 150 minutes, to determine the influence of treatment time as one of the main factors).
The incubation of the samples was done for 48 hours at a temperature of 37 ° C.
The treament of different types of glycerin rose petals extract
After altering certain microorganisms, of family molds, are forming.
The obtained results:

Sample Material Treatment Treatment time Petri dish pro result


1 White rose petal extract Proba netratata 0 21 microorganisms
2 White rose petal extract Cu LUVIOM

(Program 1)

30 minutes 8 microorganisms
3 White rose petal extract With LUVIOM (Program 1) 60 minutes 0 microorganisms
4 Red rose petal extract Untreated sample 0 43 microorganisms
5 Red rose petal extract With LUVIOM (Program 1) 30 minutes 6 microorganisms
6 Red rose petal extract With LUVIOM (Program 1) 60 minutes 0 microorganisms


The treatment of Kombucha drink
Kombucha is a colony of at least 12 microorganisms („friendly” bacteria and fungi) which ferments the sugar from the liquid medium in which they live (usually it uses green tea, black or from different plants, sweetened with sugar or honey).
The obtained results:

Sample Material Treatment Treatment  time Petri dish pro result


1 Kombucha tea Untreated sample 0 77 microorganisms
2 Kombucha tea With LUVIOM

(Program 1)

30 minutes 49 microorganisms
3 Kombucha tea With LUVIOM (Program 1) 60 minutes 38 microorganisms
4 Kombucha tea With LUVIOM (Program 1) 90 minutes 21 microorganisms


The treament of milk
The raw milk that has been used in the analyzes presented below has not undergone sterilization, but only a process of electric cooling. Because of this, we cannot rule out its contamination by different bacteria, toxic to the human body. To this, there is a certain quantity of microorganisms that is added, microorganisms derived from the fermentation process (lactic acid bacteria).
The obtained results:

Sample Material Treatament Treatment time Petri dish pro result


1 Raw milk Untreated sample 0 600 microorganisms
2 Raw milk With LUVIOM

(Program 1)

30 minutes 0 microorganisms
3 Raw milk With LUVIOM (Program 1) 60 minutes 0 microorganisms
4 Raw milk With LUVIOM (Program 1) 90 minutes 0 microorganisms


The treament with LUVIOM device of a solution of beef blood:
Raw meat, and blood contained in muscle fibers will be contaminated after altering them with certain pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, highly resistant and highly toxic at very low concentrations.
The obtained results:

Sample Material Treatament Treatment  time Petri dish pro result


1 1 ml beef blood sol. Untreated sample 0 224
2 1 ml beef blood sol. (dilution 1:10) Untreated sample 0 83
3 2nd Sample Luviom (Program 1) 30 min. 82
4 2nd Sample Luviom (Program 1) 60 min. 74
5 2nd Sample Luviom (Program 1) 90 min. 72





5th sample


Without suplimentary treatment


0 min

(2 weeks storage at 4°C )




7 6th sample Luviom (Program 1) 60 min. 3
8 6th sample Luviom (Program 5) 60 min. 2
9 6th sample Luviom (Program 12) 60 min. 5


The treatment of tap drinking water from the laboratory:

The obtained results:

Sample Material Treatament Treatment time Petri dish pro result


1 Drinking water Untreated sample 0 1 microorganism
2 Drinking water With LUVIOM

(Program 1)

30 minutes 0 microorganisms
3 Drinking water With LUVIOM (Program 5) 30 minutes 0 microorganisms
4 Drinking water With LUVIOM (Program 12) 30 minutes 0 microorganisms


The explanation for the fact that both untreated water sample and the samples treated with various programs – don’t contain microorganisms – is that the Luviom device was located near the tap or near drinking water pipes (the distance was 4 meters).
After treatment on different people, it was observed a substantial improvement in mental and physical health. The faded existential state was diminished substantially for all the treated persons, an inner peace occurring for all of them.
It’s very interesting to know that all the treated people have began to ask themselves certain existential questions and to seek answers.
A 70 years old woman, diagnosed with fluctuating blood pressure and severe headaches amid high blood pressure (ranging from 260/120 and 100/60) was subjected to 6 sessions, a 5 months break, then another 12 sessions with pauses for 3 days between them. After the treament the blood pressure has stabilized (between 140/60 and 170/80), and the patient discontinued medication, while continuing just one diet (rich in vegetables and low in saturated fat, fried foods and salt).
Another lady, aged 50, with a 3 years old hand eczema was completely healed after 12 sessions, and her 15 yeard old duodenal and stomach ulcers have healed, not needing treatment anymore.
The health of a woman, aged 30, with anxiety and panic attacks, was visibly improved after 5 sessions.
A student aged 14, after a sprain to the ankle, has healed after 3 sessions.
It can be observed, how the symptoms of a female patient with sensitivity due to weather and repeated ovaries pain, have disappear after 2-3 sessions.

Science Med Buzau – 0722931892
Dr. Mihaela Hanganu, MD internal medicine, Homeopathist
Pacient, 16 years old, suferring from Neurofibromatosis with very big tumours in the brain and spinal cord, is being treated for 5 years at Sciencemed Clinic from Buzau. The young man is immobilized in a wheelchair, with ponytail syndrome and severe central hypoacusis. Symptoms of severe depression with isolation, refusal to communicate with family and unwillingness to leave the room. Under the action of integrative therapy with homeopathy, bioresonance, Bach flower therapy, gemmotherapy, the patient has a good evolution, with significant improvement in depressive symptoms, with periods of partial remission of hypoacusis and thinning of the episodes of respiratory and urinary tract infections (the young man has a bladder probe). After 4 years of regular revaluation with the readaptation of the  treatment, he manifests a period of neurological worsening, difficult swallowing, hypoacusis worsening, frequent recurrences of urinary tract infections. At that moment I have added to the previous treatment, Luviom therapy, therapy applied to the client once in two weeks. Although the meetings were rare (the patient comes to the clinic in Buzau, Vrancea county, from 160 km. away), the clinical and neurological condition, and the mood of the patient had improved significantly, effects on the nervous level appearing right at the second therapy session with Luviom.
The female patient, aged 46, with severe pain in lumbar-sacral area and stiffness for more than a year, is being treated with the integrated treatment at the Sciencemed Clinic in Buzau, including through other methods with bioresonance, homeopathy, phytotherapy, gemmotherapy, sessions with the Luviom device. The patient has followed energy balancing sessions with bioresonance and Luviom therapy once a week. The evolution was favorable for a period of one month. Lumbar-sacral pain symptoms have improved clearly from the first session, becoming then increasingly lower in intensity.
The 37 year old female patient addresses Buzau Sciencemed Clinic for recurrent urinary tract infections, recurrent vaginal candidiasis resistant to different treatments. The patient followed the integrated therapy of the clinic, therapy that includes the Luviom device. The patient had a favorable evolution after 3 months of integrated therapy. The genital and urinary symptoms disappeared almost completely during informational-energy-balancing sessions with bioresonance and Luviom device, then returning with diminished gradual intensity until the next session, until complete dissapearance after 3 months of treatment. Urinary pH measurement before and after treatment session repeatedly showed the decreased urinary acidity, an essential element in successful adjustment the general immunity of the body and the local immunity of the urogenital area.
Luviom therapy has clear and rapid analgesic effects, anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, improving of the immunological state, psychic and neurological functions.

DRAGOS DAN SILVIUS Mobile : 0740361936
Comment: I am a dentist and by using the LUVIOM device, I’ve noticed the following:
– It calms and relaxes patients during consultations;
– I use in my dental practise also Noesitherapy – „Healing by Thinking”, therapy discovered by Dr. Angel Escudero;
– The LUVIOM device helps a lot in relaxing, and purifying the thoughts of the patients, inducing the treated person in alpha state before the Noesitherapy, the succes rate of psycho anesthesia being a lot more increased and the results are amazing;
At the same time, being a Qigong practitioner of healing treatments specific to this practice together with the LUVIOM device, the therapy feels extraordinarily powerful, increasing exponentially depending on faith (trust and acceptance), the discipline and the patience of the patient as it is told by Mr. GHEORGE COHAL;
All the people who have benefited from this treatment have had great results, telling positive experiences from all points of view.
 I highly recommend this therapy because it has only pozitive results.

Christina Hornung – 00491734400
Yesterday evening (October 24, 2014), at around 19 h 20 min, I was on an otherwise usual walk for every evening with my dog Blacky. At one point, I’ve noticed that Blacky walks on only three paws. His rear left paw no longer touched the ground. I checked, if it wasn’t punctured or cut, and to my joy nothing like that had happened. Yet no matter how I’ve tried to motivate my dog to go further, he silently asked to come into my arms. After all, I gave up. Taking him into my arms I noticed that he was shaking. When pressing his paw and trying to make him a massage, my dog yelped, letting me understand that he has in pain.
Walking down the street with him in my arms, I’ve told him: “Let’s get home and your mom will do a session with Luviom, you shall see, everything’s going to be well”. After ~ 15 minutes, I’ve arrived home. In the moment that I’ve opened the door, Blacky climbed the stairs limping, sitting down directly in the chair in which I usually perform my own sessions with Luviom. I was amazed. Ok, I turned on the device for 30 minutes. Blacky stayed in the chair alone throughout the whole session! I underline – alone! I went into the kitchen with the intention to prepare dinner. When going back in the room, Blacky was sleeping. I stopped the device, and after that I’ve gone to sleep. This morning, the cheerful Blacky woke me up to go outside. Wow, Blacky walked perfectly on all four paws !!!
Blacky thanks you this way 🙂

Busuioc Sergiu
As I promised, I am writing about the trauma that I have suffered and its aftermath.
In early November, last year, being in the mountains, I slipped and fell, hitting strongly my head (neck) of the hard frozen ground. Although I’ve had strong headaches, a permanent state of drowsiness and sleepiness, I did not think that things were very serious, and I’ve stayed for ten more days in the mountains. Upon returning in Timisoara I went to see a neurologist, who sent me to take a head MRI. The MRI result was: “Extended injuries of brain conccusion at frontal cortico-subcortical level, parasagittal bilateral in the lower floor and millimetric in the upper floor, accompanied by gadophile regional edema, wider on the left side where can be noticed the presence of hematic accumulations in late subacute stage of 4.2 / 2.2 / 4 cm. Minimum damage of ischemic demyelination in the subcortical and periventricular white matter at the frontal bilateral level. “
In other words, in an accesible language accessible, the conclusion of the neurologist and of the neurosurgeon that I was sent to immediately was that I was very lucky or that I’ve had a very strong divine protection.
The medical recommendation was: Finlepsin treatment for one year (in order to prevent any possible brain seizures); from 3 to 3 months Cerebrolysine 5ml injections; ban on driving a car for eight months (I’ve stopped driving for only two months); minimum intellectual effort (reading, tv, visualization meditations, etc.); MRI after 1-2 months (for a possible surgery) and subsequently from 3 to 3 months; regular medical control.
The evolution of my health was spectacular and surprising for my doctors, so there was no need for a surgery and no need for performing MRIs after the second one, done in 2 months after the initial one.
My belief is that to this result other things helped, besides medical conduct and I’ll list them in no particular order:
– My very high morale, confidence and fearlessness,
– The tachyonic energy that I’ve used when I’ve had strong headaches,
4 years back I’ve met a special person, with extrasensory abilities, dedicated to the idea of helping, who works at an energetic level with surprising results, person that I’ve attended as often as I could this year,
The Luviom device, created by You, that I have used with much confidence, and thank you for that.
It’s hard to quantify the proportion of the things listed above that helped me, but I am absolutely convinced that each had his role in my recovery.
Now, a year after the accident that I’ve had, both allopathic medicine and energy measurements made, but mostly the way I feel, shows that my recovery is almost complete.
This is the story that I’ve promised to send you.

Grigorescu Ioan – Qigong instructor, 0724511735
After 10 months of testing, I’ve made these observations:Observations per person and disorder:
– After 2 days of practise, I’ve observed that the sleep is more peaceful, a few hours longer, without interuptions and more profound;
– When I’ve put the device over the energetic centers, these became warmer;
– When used for 10 minutes in the bruises area, the pain caused by the blows on certain areas of the body disappeared;
– Used before taking a decision, helps to a better concentration on the problem;
– Being exhausted, I’ve held (the device) for 5 minutes between hands and I’ve felt like I have slept for 8 hours, while the blood pressure was adjusted, as well;
– Used for 20-30 min / day for a longer time (one month), it solved the articular rheumatic problems.
Findings on group and over distance on a photo:
– Increased cohesion and solidarity between people;
– Increases the power of concentration and attention;
– Acts with the same intensity for the exposure on photographs;
– Emotions due to the tests and checks during workouts disappeared – almost all;
– It has been observed that, after meals, helped solving the digestion problems;
– Hyperactive and irritable people have become more calm, quiet, friendly, obedient and devoid of violence.

Edita N. – 65 years old
I have 65 years old. On September 27 and 28, 2014, I’ve had a very pleasant experience with the LUVIOM device during the conference ANATECOR Arad. After two sessions of 30 minutes for two consecutive days I’ve noticed the lowering of glycaemia in the morning to 126, that means a lot, moreover the improving of sleep that matters a lot at a certain age. After the second session I’ve felt an increase in vitality and an insatiable good mood, walking without any difficulty (as if I could fly), which has not happened for years (I’ve had heavy legs all the time). I can’t wait to do more sessions to further improve my life and health. THANK YOU.

MIHAELA C. Bucuresti 0722290875
From our observations, after the signs of both our and other’s people coming at these sessions with LUVIOM, I’ve found out that: – after an exposure ranged between 20-30 minutes, a sense of calm is establishing, and there is a feeling of rest like the one after a good sleep.<
There are people with a so-called state of supersensitivity, people who, during the exposure to the LUVIOM device experience a kind of change in the perception of time, so even after 30 minutes they would feel that only 3 minutes had past. At this time there is a loss of hearing and they live a kind of hypnotic trance or a kind of conscious dream. After exiting of these states, those who are willing describe their states as emotional positive charged states, they are inspired, easily finding solutions to various problems, worries and especially the stress diminishes considerably, even after the first session. Moreover, these kind of persons claim that they benefit from communication with the subconscious mind, with other beneficial beings. There is no possibility that different states or communications would interfere, in any form. If there were feelings of the so-called presences, unseen, in a certain place, after the opening of the LUVIOM device a sense of security, safety and tranquility settle in.
Another interesting aspect is that certain people do not really know how to relax. Immediately after the starting of the session with LUVIOM, this continues with anxiety states, with a mind “constantly talkative” and / or negative thoughts to themselves or other persons or situations. After the session ends, these people begin to feel headaches, and have a feeling of heaviness in speech and concentration, nervousness and then lack of sleep. Therefore it would be appropriate for such persons to understand what they are doing, especially what they do to themselves, be advised to keep at least a neutral state, from an emotional point of view, throughout the session.
Most of the times, during the exposure to light and crystal, a yawning that accompanies the state of deep relaxation is triggered in prolonged rounds.
It is possible that the exposure to LUVIOM activate the precuneus, a small structure hidden in the folds of the parietal lobe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precuneus) and thus, in the person sitting at the device, the cognitive consciousness  and all the other effects are triggered, which are due to this neuronal part of the brain.
On this subject matter, the neurologist Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman talk widely on the following book:
How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist
In the book, there is an exercise on how to trigger yawning, what actually occurs NATURALLY during or after the exposure to LUVIOM.

V family
Wife: A.V.- 48 years, feminine sex
Sore right hand (especially the fingers), uterine fibroids.
Exposure to the device 10 times in 3 months.
During meetings she sees colours, she yawns, she sweats. She had noticed the disappearance of the pain.
A, mother of AV, 82 years
Knee pain, it was recommended to her to have leg braces. She can’t do surgery, she has diabetes.
After the exposure to the device, 10 times in 3 months, the pain diminished, the quality of the sleep was improved.
AV’s husband – 55 years
Alcoholic. When exposed to the device, he feels like a helmet on his head, tingling, then a state of calmness installs. He reduced the alcohol consumption.
The son – 25 years
The sessions were held especially during exams and then during the sustaining of diploma exam for the Faculty of Medicine.
The exposure to the device helped him so as to successfully have coped with multiple exams.

L.N. – 41 years old
Paresis of the right eye, eyelid and problems with eyesight, lack of coordination of limbs.
Exposure to the device within  4 months, 12 times.
Headaches and eye pain decreased considerably, noticing the recover of the sight for the affected eye, eyelid paralysis subsided. After each exposure, it was noticed a greater coordination of movements of limbs (arms and legs).

SN – 41 years old
Exposure within 2 months – 4 times.
The quality of sleep has improved, while nervousness state lessened, and the fear to sleep at night.
A feeling about an undefined presence in the house was completely gone.

S.N – 65 years old
Severe pains in one knee.
There were held seven sessions of exposure to the device.
Decreased pain, calm, she yawns after each exposure.

S.N– 65, (the husband)
He was subjected to an activity with intense and permanent stress.
There were held seven sessions of exposure to the device.
He noticed an alleviated stress, the feeling of “pressing” in the upper body, of the heart.

C– 59 years old
Pain in the shoulder joint, which didn’t fade with physiotherapy or other medication.
Two sessions. Decreased pain, calmness.

T.S.– 52 years old
Undergoes a major stress, constrictions in the neck, pain in the large bones, hips, including the lower abdomen.
Within 2 months, 8 sessions. Asleep during sessions.
The quality of the sleep was improved, she is no longer nervous, the pain diminished. Even after the end of the session, until the next exposure, sits in the same place where the device was located and feels calm and a deep relaxation.

R.B.- 45 years old
Severe pain in one of the shoulder joints.
Sessions 8 within 4 months.
Yawns, sleeps during the exposure. The pain has disappeared.

F, 68 years R.B’s – mother
Can not stand, if she moves, she does so with great difficulty, she has trouble sleeping.
7 sessions within 2 months. She is changed into a better emotional state, the sleep was adjusted, she sleeps well.

L.R.– 18 years
Prepares for multiple exams, nervousness state, 5 sessions, within two months.
Took all the exams successfully, sleeps well.

F.R.– 44 years
Pain in one breast 6 sessions, within two months.
The pain disappeared, she did some tests which came out with good results towards the end of the two months.

Titus B. – 64 years old     
Discharge diagnosis: 5/24/2013:
Discharge status: slightly improved.
From hemiparesis (January 2013) until discharge (May 2013) after the treatment, and the recovery exercises no significant progress has been felt.
He was bedridden, partial paralysis on the left side, leg and hand.
Following sessions every 2 days for 2 months, for half an hour, it was noticed some general improvements and enhancements. Firstly it was noticed that the night sleep is restful and uninterrupted.
After the first sessions he began to move his left leg at the knee trying to stand upright. After about a month, with help, he was out of bed and began to make some steps around the room. After 2 more weeks he gradually began to regain locomotor functions of the left hand. The first steps around the house, with help, he made in approximate one month and a half from the starting of the sessions with the Luviom device. After another 2 weeks, he went down and up one floor, on stairs, with help.

Nela B. – 60 years old
During this period, his wife, also benefited after sessions with the Luviom device. She used to have low back pain, varicose veins (both legs). Sitting in the same room with her husband during sessionss, the back and the leg pain have gone.The blood circulation to the legs has improved.

Mariana Dragan, Mobile: 0735103004
I’ve read the material of an exam … a book of about 250 pages in a day and I’ve got  a 10. But in the room there was a LUVIOM device switched on. That is one of my many experiences with the device. I am convinced. ..that without luviom it would have been hard for me …. If not impossible to read and remember … definitions … laws … determinants. … In a single day.

Dimi – 37 years
Sessions of 20 minutes – every 2 days. Following the sessions, she described these sensations:
– It worked at the head level, it gives a massage to the scalp, tingling in jaw, dropped to the first chakra,
– Tingling over the scalp, down to the thyroid, reaches the feet and it starts again as a “wave of light”. The light goes to the solar plexus, radiates very strongly on the outside, feels like a pressure.
It has reached the ovary (in the ill area). She feels how the light “enters” on the ovarian trunk, as a pulsating contraction.
– Green light for 10 minutes to the head: works on the bones of the head, bags under the eyes.
The first wave gently goes down to the feet, knees, she feels like a pressure in the liquid area (she has liquid in one of his knees). Warmth felt to the sick ovary. Feels the light projecting to the ill area, diffuse.
Pain in the right hip, an intense pressure on the ill area.
She feels burns in her knee, and a pain relief in the kidneys. On her ovary something that ”contracts itself”. After a few minutes the pain disappeared and a “feeling good” overall state settles in.

Ady Mocanu – Germany, psychotherapist at a special center
Young patient, 36 years old, in permanent mental shock, amid drug use and family problems (his wife left him), brought to the home in a wheelchair, fed by the probe, without any reaction to any procedure for 9 months.
There have been three sessions with the Luviom device.
After the first session, he began to move his feet, in the second session he was asked if he wants to continue with the procedure and he approved by nodding. After two days, he took out, by himself, the probe and he has began to eat naturally, and after another few days he has began to do the recovery exercises for his muscles.
After a few months the family moved him to another center to continue rehabilitation.

Doina I. – 54 years old
Initially she is in a depression state, tired. She took one hour sessions, weekly, for 1 year.
After the first sessions  she saw that she feels good, that she is more relaxed and that she improved her sleep.
At about half a year she has observed an improvement in abdominal pain (fibroids) and her mood was improved.
After one year, she came with all of her analyses and she said that not even when she was 25 years old she didn’t have such good results.
We have copies of her analyses, kept as evidence.

Dan Gaucan
I use LUVIOM system in my therapies for over a year. It helps me a lot and I am very pleased with the system. I use it to clean my therapy space and to “prepare” the patient for the therapy that I practise. Also, I use the System to clean my halls where my future conferences will be held. I feel LUVIOM’s cleaning power from a distance of 4-5 m.
I spent very little time under the crystal of the System, but being in its range, I’ve found that my  glasses dioptres had shrank and the process of rejuvenation of my physical body has accelerated.
During my therapies, I connect to the system and I feel on my body where the device is working on the patient. I’ve noticed that the best recipients are the children. They feel very well and most of them fall asleep during therapies.
In the first session with Luviom system, I’ve noticed that most of the patients have a feeling of drowsiness, feeling that lasts about half an hour after the session was over. After that, some sensations appear exactly like the ones appearing during the body’s detoxification treatments. I recommend in these cases, fluid intake and rest.
Cleaning the patient’s chakras and energetic toroidal system, I recommend LUVIOM for any condition.
Thank you, Mr. George Cohal, and I am waiting to see new inventions, with which to help the people !!!
Respectfully, Dan Gaucan

Lili Gheorghiu 0722990260
I received LUVIOM treatment both I and my daughter of 16 years. We both solved some nagging problems that we had. I’ve got rid of my sleeping trouble and appetite related, due to excessive fatigue and stress. Immediately after LUVIOM, the sleep became more restful, my appetite returned, my mood has changed for the better, and I felt energized. My daughter got rid of a salivary gland blockage due to sand from the canal, that wouldn’t let it drain.

LENUTA Onofraş
I was talking to a dear friend about people’s experiences under the device and she told me to gather them all, to not forget them later and let them be lost, because it is good for the world to know … that’s why I’ve started writing the following words.
As I have written, I have in the LUVIOM therapy, a gentleman who was previously an alcoholic and now he doesn’t drink alcohol anymore because he would vomit, then a lady who is kept by a “spirit” (she has had him hanged in her aura – a form that could not get rid of to release him in the light) and during night time her furniture in the house was creaking, the pictures from the walls were moving … now she no longer has him (after 5 sessions) and she sleeps quietly, and no longer dreams of him … and then there was someone who began to sob, remembering things from childhood, and then that person has left so calm and at peace with herself, in case of others it regulates blood presure, they see better, the back and joints pain goes away, cold dissapears, their vitality is considerably increasing, they no longer have insomnia, some have revelation or special dreams, etc. I had one child around 6 years old that while he sat down on the bed with his eyes clenched, he was moving his feet constantly (he was in his socks), I asked him why he does so, and he replied that “You tickle you” – me being at about 5 cm. away from his soles, and working with the UV spectrum probe. Then his mother lying face down and eyes closed, she would say each chakra colour when the probe of light passes over the vertebral column …
Too bad that people don’t realize this kind of therapy, and this is because they want to feel an immediat mechanical ”action” on the physical body (like injection, scalpel, chemical medication …) and if some do not feel they think that nothing happens to them and believes that the effect is zero, but it is not so … one can feel the effect gradually and over time. Somehow it seems normal to me because we all have our way, but I would have wished that our trip to be easier. It’s easier with the “clothes” clean!
I practiced in my life many techniques with light therapy, starting with the vibrational, radiating and to the ones with symbols, imaginative, holotropic, astral travels, etc. (I do not want to count because this is not the idea), and I’ve found out that it’s much simpler and easier with LUVIOM. This is because you do not load yourself with what isn’t your own, you do not give from yourself etc… It’s like, coming very dusty from a long road, we take a shower with water to wash away the gathered dust…, under the device we clean our body of light with light, and then everything comes naturally. And then what could be more beneficial than a pulsing light – as the heart – on wonderful color shades that pass through the filter of a white quartz crystal, especially when you don’t manage to go to the mountains, the sea …! How can you not feel good when the Solar Plexus (Sacred Heart) opens under light rain !!!
Personally, for a half a year, I faced a sharp pain in the wrist, in the elbow area, since I fell, leaning my whole body on my elbow. I was at a doctor, I did an x-ray, but I was told that I have nothing …, fracture, fissure, sprain. Okay, well, I thought, but what hurts and especially why the more time passed from the event, the unpleasant pain was amplifying instead going away, so I couldn’t carry anything with that hand and I didn’t even succeed to stretch it, because it started to hurt even the forearm muscle! Every day, I’ve made all kinds of procedures on myself, from massages with various lotions, bath salt, cabbage wraps until to energy techniques and etc. I had come to no longer sleep because of night pain – so I did the meditation … non stop – although they’ve told me that I don’t have any problems, nor a sore hand.
I thought to try the device made by George, namely the LUVIOM , because that’s the reason that I have it, not to look at it! I did about 12 sessions of half an hour, with a break of a day or two between them and as I stood under the rain of light and color from under the crystal, I held my probe with blue light on the place where the bone and the muscle hurt. At first I couldn’t stand it because I’ve felt a sharp pain in the affected area.
In my ignorance, I’ve never imagined that just LIGHT HURTS! Brothers, it really hurts when it arrives in an area with problems, for the problems, illness occur where there is light deficiency at the cellular level. Perhaps until the time that the spot informs itself with light, at the cellular level some “archaeological digging” is taking place and that’s the reason that it hurts.
It would be more correct to say that the lack of light hurts, but the fact is that every new therapy, the initial pain began to give way and then I felt nothing anymore.
Today it goes like this, tomorrow it goes like that… and now I am alive and well, and I was surprised, when coming back from the market, that I was carrying the shopping bag with the hand that used to be ill.
I then successfully treated the knee of my husband, who had pain that prevented him to bend his leg.
The bones respond best to treatment with light having silicon in their structure, and this, being a kind of crystal, it draws light … We know that the silicon helps in forming the bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons, hair and ensures them resistance later. It also gives the skin suppleness and elasticity of the vascular walls. Not incidentally the beauty salons are increasingly using light treatments.
Even if people do not understand the light, do not enjoy it and don’t pay attention to it, it remains sometimes invisible, but always beneficent and bright!

Bobocea Ioana Phone: 0744300432
Comment: I’m excited about the effects of the LUVIOM therapy, I can say that a patient who had a facial paralysis for over 15 years, when starting the fourth session she has began to feel and move more easily her chin with paresis. And me, from the very first therapy, I saw light plays, black and purple, and I’ve felt thousands of stings from my head to toes where the perceived KI was flowing, but I’ve felt my hands big with my fingers becaming “lasers” of light; this feeling is repeated itself with greater intensity … I shall continue because I feel that the procedure with LUVIOM triggers self-healing and vibrational ascension of all bodies. CONGRATULATIONS !

Remus P. Mobile: 0726284585
I’m delighted, for more than a year, about the effects of LUVIOM therapy. Before starting the therapy I had state of tension, tightness or inner discomfort, insomnia, due mostly to daily stress (work environment, family problems, etc.), things that most of the people confront all the time and which, at one time, create a state of imbalance in our lives, leading in extreme cases to becoming ill. The night after the first session I fell asleep quickly, smoothly, the effect being that of a deep sleep and quiet. After another 5-6 sessions, I slowly returned to a better state in which the tension, the strain or the discomfort inside disappeared and the sleep has became restful. Each time when I finish the LUVIOM session I feel recharged, relaxed and in good spirits, and the effects of the emerged stress from daily activities disappear. I am a new man!
I believe that this therapy brings benefits to health and I recommend it more thanks to the fact that it doesn’t use drugs, and from what I was presented by Mr. Cohal, the device doesn’t use magnetic or electrical fields either, not being so unhealthy because basically you are only touched by light .

My name is Luminita Mirica, belonging to the group 50, led by Adrian Scheul and I did three experiments with the device with PULSATING LIGHT, as follows:
1.Monday, November 7th. – Sala Dalles
I felt an enormous “cutter” like a cone (on the crown chakra – SAHASRARA), which cleaned or unlocked some of the existing blocks, then a vertiginous unlocking in the cervical area, after which the area was relaxed. I was probably tense because of the daily stress.
2.Wednesday, November 16th. – Home, at Maria’s, in Kogalniceanu
This time, the descending of these energies was felt like an elevator descending, forced to go down from floor to floor (ie from chakra to chakra), as if somebody would forcely cram these energies … until they’ve reached the last chakra, the base, then the feet.
3.Wednesday, November 23. – Amzei
Today, I felt three stages in these transitions, as follows:
– At first, I felt a release of each chakra, as a knot would unfasten, this sensation going from chakra to chakra, from the top down to the base chakra. The sensation was more subtle this time, not so tough that the one 1 week ago.
– Then came another sensation, like that filling with a thick column of LIGHT, LIGHT which dropped from chakra to chakra to base chakra, for then
– Transition of the energy to be done regularly, from top to bottom, from the vertebral column chakra (Sahasrara) to the base chakra (Muladhara) from 2 to 2 seconds, in the first second to the waist level, in the second one to the bottom, and the feeling continued rhythmically.
I believe and I feel that this experiment has helped me unlock the chakras and the fluent passing of the energy through all the meridians and energy circuits.

Maria Pop, 74 years, Timisoara, tel: 0356447907
I’ve benefited from the effect of LUVIOM device at Esoteric Fair Fest held between 16 to 19 May 2013 in Timisoara. I suffer from varicose ulcer on right leg, that relapsed a few years – from chafing shoe, wound ofabout 3.5 – 4 cm in length, which lately I didn’t succeed in treating. After the first session of 10 minutes (during which I felt that something undefined is working in the foot are, where I had that wound), I’ve felt energized, I’ve regained my powers. After the next session, on the second day, the wound began to shrink in size and what was left in the third day was very little of what it was three days ago.
I felt extraordinarily active after the sessions with the device with light.

Ioana Cojocaru – 42 years – Focsani, tel: 0723070797
Diagnosis – myopia in both eyes
Surgery in 2000 to correct myopia. Shortsightedness increases by 2008 to minus 12. In 2011 he suffered a detached retina in his right eye and she had a supportive surgery with silicone. It was subsequently operated to remove the silicone. After 9 months from the last intervention, she has began the LUVIOM therapy. Now she feels very good. She can see on TV and read without making excesses. In 6 months she will present herself again for a check.
1.The first meeting with the LUVIOM device was on the December 7, 2012
2.The second session occurred after 3 weeks, on December 27.
During the first session I felt so much like a cube of ice that I couldn’t receive anything special from what was happening in my body because I was very cold. Next day I had a terrible migraine, as I have never had in my life.
The experience that I’ve had during the session was totally different from the first, now feeling very good, with a good inner feeling, an energy that was descending out from my hands and would arrange the physical body, but also a feeling of foreign body that I’ve felt in my left eye, which was present only during the session. As soon as the session has ended, this feeling completely disappeared, as if it weren’t present. I stood with wet eyes and a good feeling that I have kept for a few days, accompanied by an inner peace.
3.January 5, 2013. The good feeling from the second session persisted.
This time I felt a burning sensation in my right eye, then the well-known foreign body sensation in the left eye, a hurtful forehead that I felt like “a ruler”, and a physical body very heavy with a numb head. Somewhere halfway the session I had a moment when I couldn’t breathe and I coughed several times to regain my breath and instantly tears gushed from my left eye, as if from a fountain. During this time my head started to unfreeze, the good feeling returned and I’ve felt the physical body heavy all the way to the end of the session.
4.January 11, 2013
Today it was held the fourth session. That burning sensation started first in the right eye, and the foreign body sensation in the left eye, a headache, just on the left side with a maximum intensity at the neck that persisted throughout the session (therapy).
I’ve felt the physical body very heavy, and at one point I had the feeling that I do not fit anymore in my skin, with vomiting sensation which lasted for a little while (as a migraine). The body weight, and the headache persisted throughout the session, but then, a few minutes more (5min) until I unfroze and I could move. The pain in the neck was the one that was gradually diminished, while I was feeling like a cube of ice that melts. Then the good feeling returned to persist even now, after 8 hours from therapy.
5.January 18, 2013
This session was different from the others. First, a discreet burning sensation appeared in my right eye, which disappeared relatively quickly, then a foreign body sensation in the left eye which at some point became troublesome and persisted throughout the session. This time everything went smoothly, I entered a deeper state of meditation with a good feeling that still lingers.
6.January 31, 2013
The session of today was totally different from the others. First it started with a chill that swept me from my head, grasping my whole body, this time, not having a feeling of coldness, but a good feeling. Then the foreign body sensation has began, but this time in both eyes at once, and yet that sensation did not last very long. I felt my face and my neck trapped in a circle, which was tight – the length was a few minutes, then the circle has started to narrow down into a localized pain in the forehead, which moved from the forehead to the neck and persisted throughout the session. During this time I felt like I’ve turned into an ice cube from the head to the toes, which did not last long. The ice cube started to soften gradually giving me a good feeling.
7.February 8, 2013
Today it was held another meeting, the “shortest” so far. Everything seemed to be different. First I had a discreet pain on the forehead, for a few minutes, then dropped, then the burning sensation started first in the right eye then in the left but disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The good feeling state was installed throughout the body, but it was disrupted by a headache located at the small brain level that persisted throughout the session. In the moment that the session was finished, the headache was diminished gradually until dissapearance.
8.February 15, 2013
Today a new session was held, which lasted just as little as the latter. It started this time with a good feeling that lasted the whole session. That good feeling was ”disturbed” for a brief moment by a discreet burning of the eyes and a headache, both equally discreet, that quickly disappeared.
9.February 21, 2013
It all started with a good feeling, discrete burning sensations in both eyes which were in remission relatively quickly. Then, for a few minutes, I had the feeling that I was at a distance of about 50 cm above the bed, breathing began to be fast along with the feeling that everything revolves around me. A little panic stroke me but everything was suddenly ended. The good feeling has been throughout the session, but after.
10.February 27, 2013
It all started with a good feeling throughout the body, then a sensation of watery eyes for a certain amount of time, and then twinges especially in the right eye which were of a high intensity but short lived. After that, a headache just began and a discreet bearable burning sensation in the right eye, as well, while the good feeling from the beginning still remains.
11.March 5, 2013
Today it was amazing. I started the session and a “fluttering of wings” made its presence felt all around me enveloping me with a sensation of cold. This time I felt I was working intensively on the left eye, after flowing tears started to fall from the same eye, after which it worked on my right eye but not with the same intensity with which he worked on his left eye. My tears flowed from the right eye, as well, the session has ended, but the tears from my eyes have not ceased to flow. It was the first time I cried during a session. It was wonderful, a release state, in a word a good feeling.

ECHOES FROM EZOTERICFESTthe month of May 2013 – Timisoara!
Here, it just ended, in our lands in Timisoara,  our festival of esotericism: “Ezotericfest” and with these words I wish to share with you some personal experiences.
I’ve met many friends, including our colleague Adrian that had a great speech on love, oneness and living in the present and that, whenever he can, he speaks with so much love about Aurora Sitarus, a great lady of the Romanian people. This time Adrian came with his friend from Bucharest, George Cohal – you can see the all three of us in this picture. Adrian brought again to us, this year, the gentle and luminous Aurel Buceag, the one full of peace, harmony and love.
I don’t have to say anything anymore about Adrian Scheul, because many of you already know him and know that all that he is, is as big as his heart is, so I will tell you a little about George.
I don’t know how much you know him, I just I met him now. He had a stand where he did chromotherapy sessions for free and from where people were leaving as we did.
I’m not very good with devices, but if you want to know more about LUVIOM (that I named myself: ”Living Light from Man), the device that he designed, you can look here: http://luviom.ro/
Of course George invited me under his device and I’ve felt great. I felt a breeze on top of the head first and then a gentle heat that was trying to make a tunnel from head to toe, ending with tingling in the feet and obviously with much good humor and vitality, then. That big quartz crystal, white, overhead, was projecting from some purple and green LEDs on the body, specifically on the chakra system. I told myself that George wanted that this unit, with a crystal and purple and green colours, to move the mind from the head into the one from the heart. The white quartz crystal is a powerful one and pure from the  mountain and the colour white contains all colors and spectrum and by modulating the colors of the crown chakra (violet) and the heart (green), the effect is more than evident.
Because Adrian and George had to go faster to Bucharest, I moved onto their place. I can tell you that what they left behind is an energy portal, because a lot of people came at this stand (although initially I was positioned more central and I couldn’t see), and I talked to many people, standing for a long time in their feet, but feeling no fatigue. I arrived home at 23 and only at 4 AM I slept for a while, and at work I didn’t feel tiredness just because I slept for only 3 hours.
So thank you dear Adrian and George for this new experiment that made me reevaluate some to my principles. I knew that light therapy is done with the Christ Light, as Mrs. Desanca showed us, when she used to do surgery on the astral body, but not only then, but if you’re not awake and you just walk without any sense, it is best to make use of the aids. These aids are: friends, pets, nature, books, meditation techniques, devices of all kinds, orgonites, our daily behaviour as a result of love.
So thank you George for the living light that you and for all that you do with passion and compassion for us, your peers!
Thanks Adrian for the permanent joy in your soul and your radiant and contagious love!
Thanks Aurel, because you teach us to give quality to life and make friends with pranic energy to ascend easier!
Thanks Emil, because you have the courage to speak about improving the pranic field using orgonite devices, so dear to you, orgonites that you make with such a passion.
Thank you all and I embrace you all with the infinite love! Lenuta.

Oana – Bucharest, Phone: 0726372169
I’ve tried myself the Luviom device therapy – Chakra balancing, in my case it was made at a very deep level; the sensation is pleasant and you can feel how you start to ” fluidize yourself” inside, to “flow” easily. I recommend to those with health problems a set of at least 10 sessions for the device does really do wonders. I wish you all health and be bright !