Quantum physics and CREATION
Interview by Cristian Muresanu (TVR Cluj) with Dr. Bruce Lipton
Before I answer your questions, what I need to really go over is the concept of how consciousness and mind actually interface in the world that we live. We always know about how the mind influences the body and I can talk to you about the chemistry and the molecules and the mechanisms between how the mind changes the brain’s function and how this functions are passed to the body as different neuro-secretions or hormones or nerve firings, so I can show you how our mind can alter the body, via the mechanism of the brain.
But there is a more fundamental belief than the nature of the mind, and that is: it comes from physics. In the old physics, the Newtonian physics, everything was thought to be an objective experiment, meaning: I can measure “A”, I can measure “B”, and I can tell you their interaction and the outcome will always be the same. And so, Newtonian physics is what is called “deterministic” because you can determine the outcome if you know the steps and the reaction, but in those steps and the reaction, they don’t include the effect of the observer or the experimenter as influencing that reaction.
When quantum physics came into being in about 1920’s when the physicists accepted this as a way of life, they had to deal with a new understanding about the role of life. They realized that the experimenter, who is creating the experiment, influence the outcome of the experiment. And so, basically for example, in studying whether the fundamental particles of an atom are actually physical particles or waves, it was really based on the belief of the Observer, of the observer belief there is a wave and created an experiment to demonstrate that that it was a wave, then it turned out to be a wave. If the observer believed that it was a particle then demonstrated within the experiment to show particles, then the thing came out to be physical particles.
The idea was the Observer creates the reality. This concept is very profound because it says that life is an experiment and you are the experimenter. And therefore you are also the Observer and therefore according to physics you are affecting and altering the life around us not just in your body, but all around us, so your thoughts are not really containing your head, they’re influencing everything else around us.
This is the nature of quantum physics. Now we say this, and it is very nice. Write a nice little paragraph, our thoughts are involved with creating the world, but we don’t really own it. So, what is it the truth of it? If this is true, which it really is, then it says how we think and how we believe and our attitudes are affecting everything around us. Quantum physicists knew this back in the 1920’s. But the problem was it was such a difficult concept for the physicists to apply to their own life that they arbitrarily made a decision. The physicists said: quantum mechanics only works at the level of atoms. This way then there is no problem. All they want to say is that quantum physics and the principles of quantum physics only work on atoms and therefore don’t work on people. And that made life a lot easier. The problem is this is not true. The fact is quantum mechanics applies to every level of the Universe.
In fact, the great cosmologist Stephen Hawkings, in a paper in 2006, with doctor Herzog, published a paper on string physics and cosmology, and in that paper definitely stated without any hesitation that the unfolding of the Cosmos is influenced by human consciousness. So, we are getting an understanding from physics that your thoughts influence the field. What influences? You manifest things in the field.
And there is a famous physicist by the name of David Bohm and he taught about that the world exists or the universe exists as the state of energy. There’s nothing real in it, just all energy and potential. He called it energy universe, he called it the implicate order. He says when humans use their consciousness and their mind, he called it collapsing the wave. He called it that meant the energy waves collapsed into particles. So what he was basically saying was that the physical world, which he called the expletive order, instead of implicate order, the expletive order is the physical reality that comes out of the energy potential, and he claims, of course, that human consciousness is influencing that.
If we go down to the principles of the laws of physics in general it says that you are part of the experiment called life. You are observer but then you are also creator. The question is how much of it do you own. And I said in the 1920’s physicists in one own in their own life they just wanted to say, oh, no they just only apply to atoms and so a lot of people say it today, but the article that I sent you called “The mental universe” is by a physicist and he says that the physics of the universe is based on consciousness, it’s a mental universe, that would creating this. And as I said most people can go there. But that doesn’t mean it’s not real. It is real.
Now, if you focus your life and your intention in manifesting, you control over this physical universe, then you can do that. There are many people, yogis for example that create matter out of thin air and there are many things where we alter the structure of matter in world that we live in, and the significance is: some people think “oh, that’s not really real, they don’t want to believe it. And the reason why they don’t want to believe it is because if you believe it then you have to change how you live in the world. You have to recognize that if you own that you are the creator of the world, then you must be responsible for the things that are being created.
Most people in this world have no responsibility and don’t want responsibility, so when you try to tell people, even scientists, about the fact that we are creating this world with our own consciousness, they would just off hand say no, maybe because it’s easier to live their lives if they don’t deal with the fact that they are creating the world in front of them. And so this becomes really important as a first step before answering the question and say: How much of this truth do you want to own? And the truth is you create the world. If you want to say I only create the little things in front of me then that’s ok to say and that’s actually true. But some people realize that they’re creating the whole world they experience and it becomes very empowering if you did it because you’re creating it and then you know you can influence it. If you claim you’re not involved with creating it, then you have to claim you are a victim, because somebody else created it, and yet quantum physics really tells us there are no victims, that we are all participating in this whole creation of the world.
Now, the issue is this: if you created the world, why don’t you do absolute miracles, now here’s the problem. And the problem is related to the fact you’re not the only one creating it at this point, that there are many other people creating at the same time. Now if they, the rest of a large number of people, believe the same thing, then they create an energy field, to make that real and if you’re trying to believe something that’s different than they want to believe then now you have a problem because your energy field is not as great as their energy field.
So when it comes to creating something that you think you can create in control this yourself, which you can, but if you have other people around you they don’t believe in you creating that, then you have to get more energy and power of creation than they can do in their creation, because it’s a matter of power, amplitude, volume, its belief it’s measurable in the sense of the energy in the field. The more people that believe the same thing, the stronger the field is. The fewer people that believe something, the less powerful that field is. So when a few people try to say: “look, I can create my own world”, and the rest of the people around don’t believe that, then it has a very difficult time for that individual, to create a world when others don’t believe.
Interesting now, while I wasn’t raised in the Christian religion, it is listen to the issues about miracles and manifesting that Jesus talked about it. He created those things, he did all those miracles out of creation. Now the issue is how did he create that. The point was back in those days when people believed in him as a creator and they all were believing in the same thing. So they were giving their power to Jesus to say: “You create and we agree and we believe”. So, everybody was on the same page, and they all agreed that Jesus do the miracles. You know but it’s very interesting if you look into the Bible. There was one place where Jesus could not do the miracles. And that was when he went back to his birth place in his own town, the problem was he was trying to do a miracle in his own home town, all the people that saw him grow up from a little boy to a man said: “oh, that’s just Jesus the carpenter’s son, he’s just a regular kid”, and they didn’t believe he had miracles, here was the problem. If the mass of people in his home town don’t believe that he could do the miracles, then it turned out and resulted that Jesus could not do the miracles in his home town. You are trying that they create miracles in a sense that you do what Jesus said. You could do, you could create a miracle. The problem is if you’re surrounded by people who don’t believe in a miracle just like Jesus was, He couldn’t do the miracle, you can’t do the miracle. When was he able to do the miracle? When he went to places where the majority of people believe what he did. So, it comes to a simple understanding at this point, it says: as Jesus says, as quantum physics also says, we create the world that we live in. And the problem with manifesting creation is how many other people are in agreement with you about the creation. The more people that agree with you that you can do something, the easier it is to do it. The more people that don’t believe you can do something, then the more difficult it is to do it to the extent that even Jesus couldn’t do the miracle when people around him didn’t believe.
So, the issue before we go into your particular question is how your thoughts are actually manifesting in the world. And there’s a spiritual foundation for this, of course, this is what Jesus always talked about, he said: “your beliefs can renew your life, your beliefs can heal you, they can do all the miracles that he did, even better than he did, but you have a problem with your belief. So, that’s the spiritual aspect. Quantum physics in the 1920’s comes alone and recognizes that the observer, the experimenter, a person manifesting is creating in that world. And so, basically, the physicists were saying the same thing as Jesus, that your beliefs are creating the world. But then, when physicists denied this, because they say it only works on the atom, it is because they do not want to disturb the world that they already believe in, because if you understand the new physics, you have to change your entire belief system about the world. So you are trying to demonstrate to people that you can do this but you have to recognize they have great difficulty in buying what you do because it challenges their beliefs system, and it challenges so much they will actually reject your belief system and this will really make it very difficult for you to do the manifestations. As you said, it took years for you to do the manifestations. And the reason is this, you were building up energy like the chi-gong master, you were building up the energy to get to the critical level with that energy could be used to do the manifestation. You got there. But the question is when you build up the energy levels of others around you to be there as well, that’s more difficult. So, the end of this first state is basically saying before we go to the other questions, remember this: you were creating the world around you, you were creating the biology inside of you. That if I go to the next question and starting answering them it will still be based on this understanding that the first level of creation is your mind and your consciousness and there we have to get all the rest of people to get on board with the same belief and then we can create everything if we collectively put our minds to it. 
…And as you go down to smaller and smaller organisms we think there’s less and less intelligence to the cell, the smallest organism. Well, they can’t be intelligent, but this is not true. It is a joke and I’ll tell you why. Because the human body was created by cells, there’s technology in the human body, technology meaning stuff outside of the cell. Cells alter the environment, technically to provide for support and all the other things that go on in the human body, all the interesting physiology and chemistry. Why is it so important: because cells created us. Cells use technology in creating the body that humans have not been able to comprehend yet. Cells are much more effective than handling energy, building the elements of a world. We see cells something stupid. They have been here for billions of years, longer than we have a great ability. There’s all kind of interesting molecular structures inside the cell that provide for interesting power basis and elements of changing the fields. 16:16…
There are molecules like hemoglobin which are just like atomic smashes, that atoms and iron electrons can be picked up in these molecules and actually span around at high speed and can be altered by these hemoglobin kinds of molecules or chlorophyll molecules in plants. So basically it says this: plants are technologies beyond that we can do and we can identify what they are doing and we don’t acknowledge that there is an intelligence and ability. And when cells can do something that we can’t, it’s almost an embarrassment for humans to think that cells have greater powers than humans have. But the fact they do.
They’ve been here for those billions of years of evolution, they created us and all of the technology that makes the human body survive and work. So, the important understanding is that cells can modify their world and their elements and influence it. Now, the problem that convince and is an end up is I saw a couple of people especially, I think, in Japan that reproduced the experiments and got the same results.
The problem again is conventional science will not want to go there out of the fact that they do not believe in the intelligence and power of these cells and therefore just like the atom, they don’t really understand and figure and just take it apart and look and the chemistry and they’re gone to figure it out. But the truth is the more they take apart the cell, they really haven’t figured it out the amazing intelligence that goes inside the cells or some of the mechanisms. For example cells can take light, sunlight, and carbon dioxide and make sugar out of them. My God, were these the answers to the food problem. The issue is scientists can’t understand the nature of the electronics and the energy process in the quantum physics that cells used to converge sunlight into food using carbon dioxide. And the significance is it’s a technology that humans can’t understand. So, rather than understanding we call it mystery. Well, that the co-friends work comes up and looks like a mystery again. That’s because we don’t understand it.
Well, conventional scientists study it. Not very likely, not right now, because conventional science doesn’t really go in conventional biological sciences. The biological sciences don’t really understand the nature of quantum physics and its role in cells and cell biology and human biology. So, the problem is it is not very likely that conventional scientists are going even to comment on this work, because it’s so much removed from their belief system that they actually almost think it’s magic more than science. And therefore it’s very difficult yet so-called real scientists to study something that they don’t believe in. And that’s our first promise.
The second question deals with your own experiences, and turns the subordination and something that matter into energy. This is a reality of physics. And you are energy being into physical body. That energy in your body could be co-ordinated and made coherent to be so powerful that you can ignite fire with your hands. This has been demonstrated. There a great video on You Tube that shows a man doing this that you can actually see, a person using the energy summoned up in the body and actually ignite paper on fire. There’s actually an You Tube maybe you could look up, when a fire, that’s the video, and the excerpt was in Java. There was a segment when they filmed a fire in Java and they show a man by the name of John Chan who actually ignites paper using the energy summed up in his body so that you can see that. And this becomes important because it fully demonstrates that you have energy that circulate through your biology and it’s the chi, and the significance is it actually is an exercise of yoga, an ability like in chi-gong. And Asian arts, the martial arts, where you actually learn how to harness the chi in the body and the more exercise you do controlling that chi, it becomes so powerful that you can actually ignite paper on fire just by holding your hands over it.
And why that’s relevant? It says: yes you have this innate ability, other people can demonstrate it. Your main question keeps coming out is: how come is it so hard to have an audience? How come it’s so hard to make the science see this? And the simple question is this: does science really study the whole world? Does science study the world you are talking about? The answer is simply no. Science studies things that you can measure, things that you can do an experiment with it. When you can’t measure something and you can’t do an experiment with it, then things don’t make interest for scientists, there’s nothing they can do about it.
So, it’s very interesting because science by its own definition, which means science studies the world through what it is called the scientific method, meaning you observe events, you measure events, you create hypotheses, do experiments and you test to see if your hypothesis is true. This is scientific method. Well, the first part of it says you observe and you measure. If it comes to the point when you physically don’t have a machine to measure the chi energy, you don’t have a machine to measure the vital energy that runs in the body, then the problem is there’s nothing to measure. And therefore science can’t look at it.
Some people think science studies the universe and the answer is no. Science only studies universe that it can study using scientific methodology. That means there’s a large part of the universe that science can’t see, touch or study. And they ignore it. And they say, that’s not really scientific. But basically so, science made a restriction on what it sees a science that can only study the world through the way it sees the world. And through scientific experimentation and through instruments that can do readings and measurements, that’s the way they study the world.
If you can’t measure the chi, you can’t measure the vital forces with the machine, then science has no way of going there and does not even recognize it and that’s why they call it metaphysics instead of physics. And science says we study physics, we don’t study metaphysics, and metaphysics are the invisible forces of the mind, of quantum energy fields influencing life. If they can’t measure it, they don’t have it, and so even if you can demonstrate it, science will look at it and say: a… there’s a trick in this, and you will spend all of the time trying to figure out the trick even there’s no trick because they can’t see it as a truth so any time that it shows and seem them paranormal, scientists see paranormal as somebody making a trick like a magician, and therefore they don’t take it seriously. And that becomes one of today problem, while you are capable of doing this and other people could do this, it’s very difficult to get the general public interested in it, because the general public has been programmed not to believe in this kind of stuff. And if you don’t believe in it and see it, the only thing you make is: it must be a trick. So, science doesn’t like playing with tricks. They just ignore it, and it’s the hardest trouble in the world, to get a scientist to be serious and actually come up and be serious and actually study paranormal because it is outside the normal scientific instruments of study.
Tape 3
This is tape 3. Coincidently we’re talking about question no. 3. And yet question no. 3 talks about the Russian scientist that put cells on either side of the coats cover slip. And then by authoring cells by one side it altered the cells on the other side. This has been done over and over again, it’s been done by many scientists and the problem with it is because chemical information could not cross the coats cover slip.
Conventional scientist does not study this because in the world of conventional biology, signals and this is by the rule of conventional biology, signals are carried by the substance of chemistry or ions. So, in the biological world, when biologists are talking about signals communicating, they’re always requiring a chemical signal, and since the coats cover slip between the two sets of cells prevents chemicals from corrosion, scientists restart. They said it was an effect but they could not make any sense of it because in their wall all signals are carried by chemistry and they saw that in this study chemistry did not cross the cover slip. Well we are actually opened and a new scientist is coming into the world. We are not afraid of the old beliefs breaking them. New scientists are studying quantum physics and there are many, many studies that reveal that actually cells communicate by different ways than by chemistry. They communicate by light.
A German scientist, Doctor Papp, Fritz Papp in Germany, is one of the leaders of this and talks about the kind of the experiment of cells on coats cover slip, Dr. Papp talked about how photons of light are sent back and forth across the coats cover slip, and these photons of light act as communication signals and that the cells read the light, the cells always giving off light and they are absorbing light, so one of the important parts of cell behavior is cells read photons of light. We can see those photons individually but cells are activated by single photons of light. So light of different frequencies are like switches that can control cells. And so this is especially the work on bio-photons by Fritz Papp.
And so the significance is that cells communicate by means other than chemistry, they communicate by electromagnetic fields. They communicate by light, they communicate by sound. And so, conventional biology has restricted its study again a belief that signals and biology are carried by chemicals. The primary reason why science keeps this belief is because of the influence of the pharmaceutical drug companies. And the significance is this: the basis of a pharmaceutical company is that cells communicate by chemistry, and those pharmaceutical companies job is to create chemistry that alters the communication of cells so you can control the cells.
The whole world is run by this pharmaceutical industry, the biggest industry on the planet. And when people come up and show that cells can communicate by ways other than chemistry, the pharmaceutical company gets very upset, because if we ultimately learn and realize that we can fill ourselves with energy, which is what is going, then that means you won’t buy pharmaceuticals. And the pharmaceutical company knows that and the pharmaceutical company controls the advertizing from the magazines and television and radio. The pharmaceutical company puts the most money into the media. And because of the money they put into media they also have a say of the programming in that media. And so it is very difficult for a new science about energy and energy healing and control in your lives to come in the mainstream because the simple problem is the pharmaceutical company doesn’t let this information out and the simple reason is: when people learn that they can control their biology with the energy and light and sound and they don’t need to buy the drugs, it is the end of the pharmaceutical company. And hopefully this will happen very soon, because this is part of the problem in the world today. The crisis and hell are because we are restricting ourselves to chemical healing and pharmaceutical drugs and we are not acknowledging the role of consciousness, mind, energy, light and sound as relevant in our own healing experience.
Question no. 4
You are talking about the holographic reality in which the mind is acting as a hologram. And how this can apply to biology you ask. And say: Could you consider the cells maybe part of the human body like a hologram?  Whatever is happening at one level of the parts and vice versa affects…, so, here is the point.
All cells are genetically the same. And yet in some parts of the body, during development, some become bone and some become muscle, some become nerve and some become gut. And now we try to find out the decision since what is coming to become is actually base on a map of information that is in the field. And the significance is  cells read the field, and no where they are and because of a specific position, that means a specific tissue, organ, the cells then actually express those particular trays. It is the same kind of idea when a plane in its flight uses a phenomenon of triangulation, where the plane is where it is by reading the signal from a radio tower from one point and reading a second signal from a radio tower from another point, and then by knowing where the two sources of the radio tower are they can plot when they are in space. Cells do very much the same kind of thing in the human body. All cells have the same potential so it turns out it’s the environment in which cells find themselves that controls their fate.
I took many experiences in embryology where I took x cells from one part of the embryo that are going to form let’s say the back, and you can put them in another part of the body where they can form the intestine, part of the heart or part of the gut. So, by moving the cells from different parts of the embryo, the cells become adapted to where they are in the space of the embryo, so, in truth, cells are like suspended in the field, and where they are in the field determines what their fate is. So, those cells are reading a field of information and identifying their own fate.
And in a sense there’s all true regarding the holographic understanding. Even more holographic is if you try to explain taking early embryo when there are not so many cells split in the two, the two different parts will create the whole embryo again. So, it says that if you start to cut the embryo of cells into groups, cells are still able to regulate to the field and they replay the whole field and they form the whole embryo and even that they represent a few cells of an embryo, so basically it says all the cells are genetically identical, but when they are in a field which  they have created, the field and the position of the cell and this field there’s a hologram of information that tells the cell what to be, so as I said I take a cell from a different field, move it into a new field, and the fate of the cell will change and become what the new field should be. So cells are reading the field, and cells are reading a holographic pattern.
And that’s what I said, even when you stop the embryo and you split it into two, even though you have the cells to remaining half, they will still create a new embryo. And so the issue is it’s not programmes inside the cell, it’s programmed by which the cell responds to the environment, and so therefore the pattern is primarily in the environment than in the energy field. And the cells are adapting to that particular pattern, which then help them to form the specific tissues and organs. Cells are sending up information to the other cells in the field around them, and cells are receiving information from other cells, and the simple bottom line truth is that human body is a community, and the community by its definition means reunion, communicating and also integrating a large matrix and expressing the shape of the field.
In the terms of the Bible we are made in the image of God. If you recognize God as the external, whatever it is, out there, we are made in the physical compliment of something that is outside of us. And so the physical body becomes in a sense a copy of the energy field. Well, this becomes very important for this reason.
There is an understanding in physics. Again we go back to quantum physics and recognize that quantum physics applies at all levels, so I tell you there is a quote by Albert Einstein. This quote by Einstein is very simple but very profound. The quote is this: “The field is the soul governing agency of the particle.” That’s a quote. Einstein said the field, the invisible energy, is the soul governing agency of the particle, which means matter. So, what he was saying very clear and simple is the invisible energy fields are the soul governing agency, the responsible element for shaping the material world.
Well, this is the belief of the ancient spiritualists who talked about the spirit giving shape to matter. Well, quantum physics and Einstein in particular just said that. They said the invisible force of the field is the soul governing agency of the particle matter. So, why this becomes relevant is if there’s a field of information, it has shaped the matter. And then we go back to the embryology and recognize that organisms have an energy field, and that energy field is used to in-form the cells, to shape the cells into the structure of the organism, so that the cells are reading the field.
And depending where the cells are in the field, they and so they say what the spiritualists have always said: it’s the invisible field that is primary, the material, mechanical field is secondary. And it’s interesting because conventional biology, being Newtonian physics, doesn’t recognize the power of the quantum mechanical field.  And therefore conventional biology ignores the role of the field in trying to understand how biology creates the structures of health and disease. So for example a medical doctor is working at disease tissue, tissue that is not in the right structure, not in the right organization, they blame the cell, so the cell are faulty and the cells are disturbing structure, in truth the cell are just responding to the field, and our believes, our attitudes, our perception, our spirit are generating a field, and the field, we have a defect in the field, that causes a defect in the physical body.
Scientists try to explain the defect by looking at the cells, when in truth the defect is not in the cells, as Einstein said, the defect is in the field, because it is the field that shapes the cells. So, inter biology recognizes a field, they keep for the cause of disease, pathology and how an organism forms an arm or a leg or the structure of a body. Keep looking for that there is a blueprint inside the cell. And they’re gone to fail to find it because the blueprint is the field, the invisible forces, and quantum physics says that.
So, as quantum physics becomes more established, becoming more established every day, like the article I sent you, called”The mental universe”, quantum physics are going to keep telling us over and over again: “if you want to change the world, change the physical basis of your life and change the physical state of the planet”. You don’t have to mess with the physical part, you have to just deal with the energy part. If you can change the field, the matter will adapt to the new field, so it’s more important to work with the field like you are doing then to focus all your efforts in intense on the cells of the mechanical world because the field is the primary shaper of that mechanical world.
So, this becomes an interesting conclusion, this part about the nature of a holographic character of cells and a human field and how the cells communicate with each other again, and this is question 3 and 4 together, is that cells in the field send out information which includes light and electro mechanic vibrations and sound vibrations, and the other cells in the field respond to that and create a dialogue, a community, and from that community we form our tissues, our organs and the body as a reflection of an integrated community based on the ability of all the cells to share information in the community called the body.
Tape no. 4
Chris, we are now going on to question no. 5. In question 5: “Have you any sort of practical experience regarding the awakening of human hidden potentials” and the answer is: “Yes, I do”.  And it’s based on the biology belief. And here’s how it works. The biology belief says this: a cell or a human or any living thing interacts with the environment and absorbs environment and it responds to what the organism absorbs and adjusts its biology. So biology is always adjusting itself to the environment in which it lives.
In a state of a human, the cells of the body whose job is specifically to read the environment and interpret it, and then send the information to the rest of the body cells, that group of cells is called the nervous system. So, the brain is a physical mechanism made out of cells. The function of the brain: read the environment and interpret what’s going on, and then sends signals to the rest of the body, to coordinate their behavior, to adjust their biology, adjust their genetics so that we best fit the environment that we live in. So, basically said, the brain is between the environment and the body. And the interpretation of the brain is the mind. The function of the mind is the interpretation, so that when you using your mind you are interpreting your world and your making creations and your beliefs out of your knowledge of the world.
So, here’s a simple truth: the function of the mind is to create coherence between the programmes and beliefs of the mind and the life that we lead. So, basically the role of the mind is to take our beliefs and to turn them into real life. Well the issue is if our beliefs are in harmony with health and life then we make our beliefs real in our body, then we are healthy. So if our beliefs are limiting or our beliefs are incorrect, or we have misperceptions, misbelieves about the world, or we don’t understand something, and try to control our life with those beliefs that are faulty, then by definition the life we live will become faulty like the beliefs that programmed it.
Now here’s where the problem comes from. It is your two minds together that form the mind: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the one connected to your spirit, your identity, your source. The conscious mind has your wishes and your desires. What you want in life is in that conscious mind that created the mind. If I ask you, Chris, what you want from life, the answer you give me will come from the conscious mind.
And yet there is another mind called the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than the conscious mind. But the subconscious mind doesn’t have somebody in it. The subconscious mind is like a tape player. It records our learning, our experiences, and makes programmes, and so the subconscious mind is like a tape player with programmes in it. But the conscious mind is the creator mind. Most people think they run their life with their conscious mind, like, ok I’m running my life with my creation. I am Bruce and I am running my biology. That’s what I think. It turns out neuroscientists have told us that thinking is totally correct. Neuroscientists have told us that the primary neuro-operation of the brain is not controlled by the conscious mind. It is controlled by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is one million times more powerful as an information processor than is the conscious mind. The subconscious is one thousand times more powerful. It seems it is the mind that runs the show. Neuroscientists have now recognized that the subconscious mind, the one with the programmes, runs our life 95% of the time. Now here’s where the problem comes from. What you want to create out of your life, what you want out of your life, is the operation and the belief system of the conscious mind. That most neuroscientists tell us that we really run our life from the subconscious mind. And here is the problem. The primary programmes in the subconscious mind are downloaded by observing parents, brothers and sisters, a family, our community, our nation, this is where we get the programmes from in the subconscious mind. And here’s the problem.
The conscious mind is what you want out of life, the subconscious mind has programmes about what other people tell us about life, tell us what we can do, and tell us what we can’t do. The subconscious mind is mainly filled with limitations, disempowering beliefs that say you are afraid or you are vulnerable or that you are weak. These are the beliefs that people tell us. And these are real. But because the subconscious mind runs the show, 95% of the time, then the beliefs we got from other people primarily run our show. And what we think we are running our lives with our own personal desires, the conscious mind, it turns out that this mind only works 5 % of the time.
So, the issue is what you can create out of your life it’s not so much real, which you create, which your consciousness creates, what you create out of your life is almost primarily whatever programmes what you have programmed by other people. When other people tell you that you can do something, you can do it, when you learn from other people, as a child, you can’t do something, then you can’t do it. So, now you talk about the ways you can awake the hidden human potential. And the first thing is this: “ yes, recognize the human potential we are talking about as the operation of the conscious mind, recognize that the problem mind 95% is coming from the programmes that other people put in the subconscious mind. If you want to make more powerful life, then you have to re-write any of the limiting programmes that you learned as a child, because these are the programmes that operate 95% of the time. 
And so the issues are most of the weaknesses are limitations that humans have, most of the illnesses that we have are not organic or because we are ill but because we are programmed to be powerless. And there’s a reason for that. And simply this: a government cannot control powerful people. So, only the very powerful people know how to pass out the power beliefs to their family, but what they do is teach other people beliefs that take away their power, so that most people appear to have no power. And they are easy to control because the powerful people can make them less powerful. I’ll give you an example of how it works.
When you train an elephant in India you get a baby elephant, and you tie a big rope on its leg, and then you tie that rope to a post. And whenever you’re not with the elephant, you tie the rope up, so when you’re not there the elephant wants to get away and keeps pulling on the rope. The baby elephant for weeks will keep pulling on the rope and yanking it and rolling and doing everything he can do to break free of the rope. However, within a few weeks, this baby elephant comes to learn the rope is more powerful. Then when the rope it’s on his leg he can’t move and at that point the elephant surrenders to the belief: the rope is powerful. When it is on my leg, I cannot move. Well, that’s a baby elephant!
Pretty soon this elephant grows up into a giant elephant, ten-twelve feet high, and big enough to pull down a house. That’s what’s interesting: when we want the elephant to stay still they just tie a rope on his leg. They don’t tie the rope to its leg. All they have to do is to tie a rope on the elephant’s leg. The moment the rope is on the elephant’s leg, the elephant’s programme says: the rope says I cannot move. So, a giant elephant was staying still and not move. All you have to do is put a rope around his leg. It says that the programme wins and this is the simple story.
In human biology, in human culture, in human families, in civilization, there is a continuous process of putting ropes around our abilities, doing our development, limiting our powers, just like the baby elephant got limited. And so, as we grow up, we hold on to these limiting beliefs, and these prevent us from actually expressing our full abilities. So, the question is actually how you are able to access your hidden potentials. And the first thing is you must go down into your subconscious programming, the mind that was programmed as a child, and identify any of the programmes that are limiting. That says you are not so powerful or you don’t deserve things or you are not good enough, these are the things that parents say to kids. They become a programme. Find all the programmes that limit you, and then you can re-write them.
Now, for the technology of re-writing and their variety of ways one of them is doing affirmation on a religious program. It’s creating habit. You re-write the subconscious mind by habit. You have to repeat things continuously and continuously and after a while the habit becomes a programme. So, if you want to change something then you have to actually, like in a religious exercise, have to create a habit and follow it every day, and repeat it every day and at some point you realize it will become automatic, and you’ve changed the belief system.
You can change it with hypno-therapy. There’s a thing called clinical hypno-therapy. It puts the brain into the same brain activity that it was as a child, when other people were programming us. So, when you go into that low frequency activity usually around fade out EG activity, this is programming state of the mind. If you get into fade out than somebody can download a new programme just like a parent has done to the original programme. But this time you can download a programme that gives you power, not a programme that takes away your power.
If you go to my website, and look at the menu at the resources, there’s a whole variety of new techniques, called energy psychology. Energy psychology is a fantastic new technique for re-writing the subconscious mind programmes. Energy psychology can re-write the belief you had the entire life in ten or fifteen minutes, so that when walk away, you’re operating from a new belief system. So the bottom line in this whole understanding of programming and limitation is we are extremely powerful people. People can walk across hard causes. Women can lift a car off their baby if there’s an accident and the car weighs thousand pounds! Even a weight lifter can’t lift that much weight. Some people in USA, who are religious fundamentalists, work themselves out in a religious state, and to testify that God protects them, they drink strychnine in toxic doses, and guess what?, as long as they believe that God protects them, they are able to drink the strychnine and not have any adverse effects. Think about it! You can walk across fire, you can lift thousands of pounds, you can drink poison. We are very, very powerful. But those powers only exist in the minds of people who believe them, and in that belief they can do those things. If you doubt it or question it, your subconscious was programmed that you can do something, then those beliefs in the subconscious mind will actually prevent you from doing the miracles.
Hi, Chris! This is Tape no. 5, and I’d like to talk a little bit about question no. 6.
Question no. 6 about the biology’s prohibiting (?). We talk about way some organisms alter or transform environment even if they are not doing it for their benefit but they have the benefit of all. You ask why do so. And here’s the answer. As evolution occurred, organisms appeared in the environment, and the most important understanding is an organism has to interact with its environment to survive. It has to take in nutrients, and it gives off waste matter. And it alters the environment by its life. If I started with a fresh new environment and I am just one organism of the environment, after a while, that organism will alter the environment, because it would remove from the environment nutrients needed to survive, and it will add to the environment waste products from its own physiology. So, the longer an organism stays in the environment, the more disturbed the environment becomes.
Well, in order to bring the disturbed environment back, you can add a second organism that will take the waste matter of the first organism and convert that into nutrients and then give off waste matter the other organism can use, so that they are trading and exchanging. To give you an example: plants survive by taking in carbon dioxide and mixing it with photons of light to create sugar. So, basically, what it says is when you put plants into the environment they absorb the light, they add it to carbon dioxide and make sugar but they give away as waste product oxygen.
What would happen in the world when there are only plants? Pretty soon the atmosphere will be filled with lots and lots of oxygen because the more plants that are growing, the more carbon-dioxide they’re converting into sugar, and the more oxygen they are giving off.
And away with plants only the oxygen level will get so high that if a lightning strike occurred it will actually cause the atmosphere, the environment to catch on fire. And, in fact, scientists consider that this may happen in history before there were a number of animals and there were just plants, the oxygen level may have got so high that the Earth exhibits its spontaneous combustion when the oxygen ignited to electrical storms and burn everything out.
And now there will be a problem if there are only plants. Here’s how it balance it. To cope with plants you have animals, and why (?), because animals breathe in oxygen and give off CO2. And now it happens that animals and plants work together, the oxygen in the plants take carbon-dioxide, make sugar and give off oxygen. The oxygen that is given out as waste is picked up by the animals, the animals take the oxygen metabolize it and make animals out of it by using the respiration of the oxygen. But then animals give off a waste product, the carbon dioxide. But the animal waste carbon dioxide is the required input for the plants. So, when you have both animals and plants in the same environment they balance environment and support each other.
Well, that’s a gross overview, but this is essentially the exact same reason why all the animals and plants exist in the biosphere, because as every new organism was introduced into the biosphere, it altered the biosphere, and required another organism to come in and bring bias to the biosphere and now they make room to a third organism to come in. And every time you add a new organism, you keep throwing the balance off and try to balance it again. So, this state of nature is trying to create a harmony, so if you look at the biosphere it’s not just a collection of different plants and organisms thrown in the same box.
The biosphere is a tightly integrated community, where each plant and each animal is responsible for supporting each other, and this is why when humans come in and don’t see the order of the biosphere, and they start destroying parts of the environment, we don’t realize that by destroying pieces of the environment we’re throwing a monkey ranching over a very tight community, a machine. The whole living system is a machine, and we, humans, not knowing the interconnection and the co-operation of these living organisms, have actually been destroying the environment by systematically destroying different parts of the environment that we used to make balance and harmony.
So, basically the way of evolution, the way of nature is that all organisms form an interactive whole, a community. The living organism is the whole Earth, and that is the principal code, the Gaia principle, supported by a scientist by the name James Lovelock, and he’s from England. He revealed that the Earth is one living breathing organism. All the plants and all the animals are like the cells and tissues that create one thin code Gaia, and we are part of the body of the Earth. And because we didn’t know this and because of our limited knowledge, we have been killing the body from within. We are becoming self-destructive to the extent that we are destroying the environment, which in turn means we are destroying the opportunity for human life, and so scientists have now clearly recognized that our human behavior is leading to the extinction of the human population. And this is the problem that we have to face right now.
Question 7 has to do with what should the media do in order to stop the lies about genes control on our lives? How can experiences like mine or yours contribute to promote the truth? What shall we do? Well, this is a very important question, and it’s very interesting because as individual it’s very hard for us to do, to create a change in life. And I’ll tell you why.

Very simple is this: why is the media not telling people about their personal power? And the simple truth is: the government does not want people to be empowered. The simple law of government is this: less intelligent and sick population is easier to govern than an intelligent and healthy population. So the more sickness it is in the world, the less intelligence it is in the world, the more easily people can be controlled. And so, the significance is: people in leadership don’t want the average person to know their powers because that’s what separates the whole world.
We talk about world like a power hierarchy. They are very, very powerful and there are people with no power at all. And it’s a whole range and you are saying: what regulates the power?  And then we come back to the physics. Let’s say it’s our consciousness and our creativity, and we are all relatively equal in regard to our creative power, using our conscious mind. Well, the question is: How can we live in a world where there are more powerful people? Where did those people get the extra power? And here’s the joke: the powerful people didn’t get extra-power, they took away the power from you and me and all the others. So, while we potentially have the power, they programme us with beliefs that we are not powerful. And since those beliefs are like the rope on the elephant’s leg, when we believe in our power we create our power. So, the media is keeping us suppressed. And there’s a lot of special interest. <
I give you an example: the pharmaceutical industry does not let that information available. Why? Because when people start to believe that they control their genes, and they are not victims of their genes, then they won’t be buying those pharmaceutical drugs that they use right now to fix their broken body. So, they learn they can heal their body with their consciousness. So that basically it comes out the fact that the drug companies and the government do not want us to become empowered because if we become empowered we break the model.
And then the government will change and the corporations will have to change because we will no longer be the victims. And so the issues are: how do we make the difference? And the answer is: Keep walking and talk. Keep living the life that we have, that we learn to live in a better, higher place. And the reason is very simple like this: as you walk down the street, another people see that you are healthier and happier than the average person. It’s gone’ a cause them to be curious. And, Christ, then you will want to know: What is it that they are doing that brings you so much health, and happiness and harmony? Then you become a teacher and you can talk to them. If we tried to have the press changed they are not gone change. And yet what’s happening is because people start believing that their belief in the pharmaceutical industry is getting less every day because they’re recognizing that people are getting sicker every day and medicine aren’t helping them anymore.
So, interesting or not, their own story is falling apart because their own belief system of the corporations, of the media, of the government, of the pharmaceutical industry are less able to control people. And as people start to realize that they don’t have that power, they’re going to look to other place where they can get power, and this is the great future that lies before you and me, because with this future the world will take on a different view.
People will realize that they are powerful, and they are creating the world, that they have been programmed to be weak. That will start creating a lot better world than the one that we have right now. I trust the average person’s creation of world more than I trust the creation from the government and the corporations. So, we are in an evolution right now. This world is falling apart. The old structures are losing their control. And in losing this control, we’re at the same time people are beginning to find their own personal power and their own personal control.
So, we are going in a transition this time, when the population is going from what they believed they are a victim to a better, higher level with recognizing that they are creating their world. When this transformation occurs, then the world will be profoundly different because we are not going to be controlled by the few. We will be controlled by the masses, and this is a much more benevolent and healthy outlook on life than the corporate private entities that control the world right now.
This is Tape 6, Chris. In Tape 6, we are now working on Question no. 8, we are talking about the work and the Noetic Science Institute that reveals their subjects generally the public is not allowed to talk about. And the reason for that is because they challenge the powers that be. This is part of the answer on the last tape. When there are issues that an individual can undermine a power, the power that’s already there will prevent you from undermining it.
The Church did this during the Inquisition period. The Church claimed they have infallible knowledge, meaning their knowledge was fully correct and accurate. The problem with that belief is if one person of all finds that there is a falsehood in the Church dogma then the whole thing falls apart. So, the Church, to protect itself, had to go out and prevent anyone from finding things that were untrue about the Church because, if they found that the Church was wrong, then the power that the Church wielded because they said that it had absolute knowledge, “knowledge is power”. Absolute knowledge is absolute power, that’s what the Church had. But if anybody found out that the Church is a fraud, in any of their beliefs that they claimed to be infallible, then that was not good. So, the Church prevented people from looking at certain things about life so that we wouldn’t get answers that were different from what the Church offered.
So, for example, the Church did not want people to look inside the human body. They called the inside of the body the mystery of God. And by calling it a mystery of God, the Church said it’s a sin for everybody to study how the body works. That’s a mystery of God. And this prevented people, Christian people, from becoming medical doctors, mainly because they had to understand and look inside the human body and see how it worked. And that was a sin from the Church.
Interesting enough, when the Church was running the world, Christians were not doctors. Doctors were Muslims and Jews because they did not have the same sin. So, basically the way the Church limited knowledge by telling people what they could look at, what they couldn’t look at was a way of controlling their power. This is exactly the same thing that is going on in the world today. When people try to get grants to show what you can get with energy, there’s no money that will come. And the reason is this: the money that comes out for grants are handed out by the authorities in power. If your research will challenge or threaten that authority, they will not fund it. So, since the drug companies are keeping the authority that chemistry and drugs are the only way to heal people, then their influence prevents science from funding any research on taboo subjects because it would undermine the powers to be, the money that is in the system right now, so basically says that our taboos against a lot of research but then as I also said, the world is falling apart. 
And at this point the people are more opened to the question: “Look it’s not working to conventional way, I’m going to look and see it in a different way. So, all of a sudden they’ll say those subjects were taboo and are now being looked at because the powers are in there, this can’t manage the problems, and this means people are gone’ a take it on themselves to start looking for answers different than the ones their traditional sources provide.
So, this is opening up the world like a new scientific revelation. It’s like the reformation Martin Luther made his theses on the door of the church saying: “We are not taking this anymore!” and we’re gone’ a start changing and doing it in a different way. Well, the public is now in the state of crisis, and the public is saying: “We are not doing it in the same way. We are gone’ a start to look for different answers. And that’s why it’s an exciting time because all new ideas are being looked at, people are beginning to focus on what new energies, what new healing ways, how can we preserve health and harmony on the planet. Any new ideas are being considered, so this is a very right time in our civilization for this.
And in regard to the next question, which is connected to this, my next part is about what is going on in the world right now. And the answer is this: we’re going through an evolution. It’s not the evolution of the human. It’s the evolution of the community of humans. Each human is like a cell in the body of a living organism called humanity. What’s involving is humanity, the organization of humans, not the individual human. So, each one of us is like a cell in a larger body.
The evolution of humanity and why this is important is the belief system that we have been using a hundred and more years based on science have caused this to enter into a world of crisis. The global warming crisis is part of human behavior. The famine problem on the planet is part of human behavior, part of our belief system of the Darwinian world that said the world is based on competition, the world is based on fighting for survival, that the world is the gift to those called the fittest. These are beliefs that we bought, we bought the belief that the evolution is random, that there’s no reason for us to be here, that we’re just total accidents in this world.
All of a sudden these beliefs that have shaped the competitive fighting world, the fighting and the fittest, beating out the weaker, saying that this is ok because this sound like evolution, that will this coming to an end because we have a new understanding about evolution, that we did not get here by accident, as mentioned on two tapes ago.
Evolution is the result of cooperation of all the organisms, and all the plants and all the animals working in one co-operative world. It’s not based on competition. And the problem is since we believe it is based on competition and then create a whole civilization that competes. We’ve been going further from what has saved us, which is co-operation. The new science says it’s co-operation. The old belief said that you are a victim, that genes control your life, that other people are there to fix you, and therefore you have to pay for health to other people. The new science says no, that your belief controls your life, that you can regulate your belief, so that you can control your genes, that you’re becoming power. All the sudden it says that we are not here by accident, we are here as part of the balance of the environment. We didn’t learn that but now it’s becoming a fact that we must learn because we are throwing the balance far off that we are threatening our own extinction.
So, what’s interesting is civilization is changing its expression. We are going from a more primitive form of civilization, something like a more reptile version of civilization, which is based on fighting and competition meaningless just battle, into a world that says that we are just participants, we are creating the world, that we create health, we create harmony, and we also create the disease and war, but since we become aware that we are creating all these things, then our new awareness allows us to select a healthier, happier environment.
This new study I am involved, with this part of a book called “Spontaneous Evolution”, I believe that you have just got in the mail a set of audio CD-s called “Spontaneous Evolution”. This is the discussion of what my new book is all about and it’s really wonderful because it is a book that empowers us to create an evolution with our best interest in mind, to create an evolution where humanity will learn to co-exist, and one happy human body with the whole planet will start to recognize the co-operation in a healthy garden in a happy environment and we will leave this trouble times behind as we go through the evolution.
But as the evolution says, you can’t go from here to there with a system that’s in place. And that’s why the world is in a scary phase right now because the system is breaking down as we prepare to put in new beliefs, new ideas, new programmes that will sustain human civilization and provide for the health and happiness and the beauty of the planet that we live on because if there is a heaven, I truly believe it is this planet. And we can return it back when we really think that we are the creators of that planet and create with our beliefs, the other than the beliefs that we have been programmed with, those limiting and disempowering beliefs because in front of us there’s a bright and powerful future.
I hope these talks on these tapes are helpful to your work. Thank you, Chris.