Sistem Luviom AT - fotografie3

The LUVIOM system consists in a device and a noninvasive proceeding for the biological system, in the way that no chemical compounds, drugs, magnetic or electrical fields are entering the body, by using the projection over the body, from a distance, of a light of various colours, modulated in the LED frequency.
The outcome of the proceeding over the body is:
– A general relaxation of the body, on a physical and mental level, is achieved;
– The aura of the body is balancing;
– The chakras are activating and balance themselves;
– Vitality increases,
– Healing processes start,
– A fast process of going into a deep meditation defined by alpha brain waves,
– It takes out and eliminate from subconciousness the problems that triger stress,
>– The device cleans the ambient of negative energies,
– The effect can be sent away to any distance, including over the internet,
– The proceeding can be done in a group, simultaneously to several people.
There is no need for a preliminary preparation, the person that makes the proceding can have the clothes on, including the head; the person coming for the treatment can stand, sit on chair or lie down.